Design & Drawing of Sewage Collection System, Lifting Station, Main Pumping Station (MPS), Sewerage Network, Sewage Treatment Plant (STP)


For the past few, government, industrial and private clients have relied on the expertise of Cumec Engineering Services Pvt. Ltd. for efficient and effective wastewater collection, treatment and disposal projects. Our experience spans the spectrum including master planning, interceptors, lift stations, pressure force mains, wet weather flow control strategies, tunneling, treatment plants and disposal/reuse projects.

Our expertise team provide complete technical support and consultancy for all aspects of waste water from property connections to providing recycle and reuse of waste water. The major disciplines covered in waste water are:

  • Systematic Property Connections
  • Sewerage collection systems
  • Waste Water Trunk Mains
  • Waste water Pumping Stations(SPS & MPS)
  • Waste water Treatment (STP)
  • Recycle and Reuse of waste water including Tertiary Treatment
  • Waste Water Tunnels and Outfalls
  • Total Sanitation Plans
  • Decentralized Systems
  • Lakes , Rivers and Water Bodies Conservation
  • Automation and SCADA Studies

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