Rehabilitation methods are carried out through several mechanical and chemical processes. It involves planning, drawing, designing and execution in systematic steps.


Damped walls, ceilings and floors are rehabilitated through this process. Cracks in structures and joints, seeps and leakages are taken care of through renovation methods.

Rehab-4 Rehab-2


Seismic aspects are addressed through retrofitting processes. Strengthening of subsoil and foundation, Replacement of damaged beams, and columns are other techniques of retrofitting.

Rehab-3 Rehab-1

Modification augmentation

At times it becomes necessary to remodel an existing structure for prevention of further damages and greater fortification. This is particularly crucial for historic buildings.

FRP-retrofit-for-a-bridge-pier Rehab

Water proofing

Water proofing of terraces and open spaces is an effective way of preventing leakages and seeping from walls and ceilings. Chemical processes are mostly used for this purpose.


This is a combination of both mechanical and chemical processes for strengthening foundation of buildings or structures. Cementing material under pressure is injected through pores in the soil to fill in cracks and fortify a structure.

Fibre wrapping

Fibre wrapping is an effective way of retrofitting of any damaged concrete structural member like beam, column, pier etc. and stopping leakage of pipes and sewerage joints
Our expertise also extends to renovation of old or damaged buildings and retrofitting of affected structures. This service is specially meant for:

  • Heritage buildings;
  • Old structures of significance constructed ignoring seismic and soil strength considerations;
  • Wrongly planned building or any structure.
  • Need augmentation in any kind
  • Any Building require repair-renovation

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