Construction of ‘green buildings’ is one of our major concerns. In view of growing awareness about protecting nature we are committed to construct buildings and other structures that are environment friendly. It is our motto to erect structures that are resource efficient and preserve environment till the end of their lives.


We are member of Indian Green Building Council and have IGBC qualified engineer. We also provide guideline for LEED.

Effective use of renewal resources

Sunlight, rain water, and trees are resources that we use on a sustained basis. Installation of solar panels, photovoltaic cells for harnessing solar energy; harvesting of rain water and prevention of water run-offs; and planting of trees and plants even on rooftops are efforts towards use of readily available natural resources.

Optimizing processes

Optimization of resources available is another of our efforts towards ‘green building’. Natural resources available: sunlight, rain water, and vegetation are put to optimum use for creating an environment friendly building or structure.

Reduction in toxin production

Reduced wastage production and lesser emanation of effluents are efforts towards lowering pollution and preserving nature.

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