Electrical Design for Substation, HT Panel, LT Panel, APFC Panel, AMF Panel, MCC Panel, Electrical Distribution Network, Street Lighting Network etc.

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We provide complete spectrum in energy efficient electrical design services to ensure maximum life expectancy. Our electrical design includes both HT and LT systems in residential areas as well as in commercial and industrial areas like offices, malls, factories, plants etc.

  • Substation System (Analysis, Assessment and Planning)
  • Various HT and LT Panels selection (HT Breaker Panel, LT Feeder Panel, APFC panel, AMF Panel, MCC Panel, PLC control Panel etc.)
  • Power Load, Lighting Load and Emergency Power Distribution (Considering proper phase balancing)
  • Power conditioning and UPS System design
  • Interior and Exterior Lighting System Design
  • Solar Photovoltaic Cell (PV) Design
  • CCTV System Design
  • Energy Conservation & Audits

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