RCC & Steel Building, PEB Structure, Industrial Building, Pre stressed concrete, Form Work Design, Drawing & Detailing.

Structural engineering is an important activity and is concerned with erection of buildings, frameworks, or any other structures that is constructed to withstand loads. Connected closely with civil engineering concepts it involves designing, drawing and detailing of both temporary and permanent structures. Our expertise is not just restricted to technical aspects but also to economic, environmental, social and aesthetic factors.

Designing with best software

Drawing and designing have become highly specialized and augmented by latest software tools. These software tools provide perfect end results depending on inputs used. Likewise, it is also possible to determine the exact materials and their respective dimensions required for a finished structure. For big structure, we use best software which use finite element method in place of matrix method of structural analysis in conventional software. It's time taking but give optimised design. We always use BIM and interchanging software environment to co ordinate with three stage design - drawing - detailing and vice versa. This system initiates error free drawing and no discrepancy.

Consultancies on Steel Structure Designing Service form a mainstay of our business. Steel is used for these purposes. Beams, girders, truss etc made from steel are used. In certain cases galvanized iron are also used for offering higher durability. Our expert designers provide comprehensive design for you from master plan/layout to Structural Design, Drawing, Estimate, Material specification and maximum utilization of space.

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