Design and Drawing of all type of Civil Work.

Ours is a professional set-up catering to all spheres of infrastructural engineering like planning, preliminary designing, detailed designing, and use of technology in processes involved. Our experts are accomplished and are thoroughly equipped to offer technical advice and consultation at every level. 

Drawing and designing have become highly specialized and augmented by latest software tools.We always use BIM and interchanging software environment to co-ordinate with three stage design - drawing - detailing and vice versa. This system initiates error free drawing and no discrepancy.

Our Designs are supported by detailed drawings and graphical illustrations. Scale drawings offer a bird eye's view of your construction while graphical illustration offers an artists impression. In this detailing process we use computerized 3D techniques for creating elevated representations. To give proper shape to your project it is essential to know specifications of materials used in construction and its corresponding BOQ (bill of quantities). BOQ prepared by us gives you the itemized cost of materials used, labour charges, and other incidental expenses. For any architectural or construction efforts a BOQ is an essential aspect.

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